It is a brand, it is not just a place, we love people and we love life!

Beragoo Homestead

We offer a welcoming and friendly place for people with disabilities and/or mental illness to stay, relax, and enjoy themselves. Directors Christopher and Amber will ensure that all guests have the peace of mind that they are in a truly wonderful environment supported by people who are genuine and are passionate about what they do. We go to great lengths to ensure all guests have a memorable, fun and fantastic holiday nestled in the peaceful surrounds of our homestead just a short drive from Mudgee.


Beragoo has grown and diversified it streams of revenue over the last 4 years. We now have offer:

Day programs, supported holidays, provide emergency respite and now looking to provide a program Mentorship through movement.

Beragoo Sports

We provide opportunities for people of all ages with disabilities and/or mental illness to experience the great outdoors. All activities are tailored to each individual with the goal that every person has the opportunity to be active, learn new skills and have fun.

We offer a variety of sports including skiing, snowboarding, football, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and camping.


Cute & friendly

Beragoo Homestead is a place to enjoy the company of our friendly, affectionate farm animals. Our two dogs, Reuben the Poodle and Lawson the Kelpie are here to be your companions! Our hens are always busy laying eggs, scratching up worms and enjoying the kitchen scraps to turn into beautiful compost for our vegetable garden. You will also see wandering around the farm kangaroos, alpacas, chickens, cows, sheep, ducks and a large species of birds!


We would love to host you